Web site development Houston
Web site design Houston
  • Requisition of Services:

    - We are always willing to talk at length with all our clients about their ideas and expectations regarding their website. We believe this is beneficial to our clients when brain storming for ideas. However, we require all our clients to re-iterate everything we verbally discuss in a detailed email. This helps take the guess work out of what has been requested or said. This could be perceived as unnecessarily redundant. However, once our clients realize the benefits of this simple yet effective process, there is no doubt as to why we require it.
  • Contextual Perspective

    - Everyone forgets to add something when talking to someone verbally, either on the phone or in person. This is especially true if you don't know the person or are constrained by time. When our clients are given the opportunity to take their time writing down their ideas, we find they are able to objectively provide more organized and detail structured ideas, which give us superior contextual perspective that would have been missed if limited to just verbal conversations.
  • Reference and Productivity

    - Having a written reference is invaluable asset for our designers. Since we talk to a vast number of clients at any given time, we rely on our clients written documents to keep our productivity optimally tuned to their needs. This means less time deciphering notes or phone recordings and more time conceptualizing your ideas into stunning art work.
  • Legal

    - Emails are lawfully binding and protect both the client and us.
  • Deposits

    - Once work begins, initial deposits are non-refundable. In the event that work has already started and the client does not wish to continue with the contractual agreement; the unused hours will be applied as "credit on account" for any services we provide.
  • Duration of project

    - We understand that our clients have busy schedules and we always do our best to accommodate your needs. We only require that our clients give us written notice so we may adjust our production schedule to meet your time requirements. However, if an extension for time has not been applied for within two weeks of the original signed contract; we reserve the right to discontinue services and our contractual obligations to the client are null and voided.
  • Website Publications and Server LIABILITIES :

    - We always keep backup's of the files we have have created and or modified for all our clients. We only keep backups of files we have created and or modified. We advise all our clients to make complete backups of all their published files pertaining to their website; as well, backup files published and or modified after their initial backup. Once our services have been rendered, we are not liable for any content, graphics or views expressed and or published by our clients. We are not liable for any unauthorized access of your website or security breaches that occur to websites that DO NOT reside on our servers.
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