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  • It is with supreme satisfaction that I feel compelled to pen a testimonial for someone who is arguably the very best, kindest, most knowledgeable, and hardest working web designer that I have ever met. And to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where web designers are as common as cable cars, well, that is saying quite a bit.

    I first became acquainted with Joe Griffin through a mutual friend who sensed the frustration I was experiencing with other web designers who just didn't "get it", meaning that they took my ideas and interpreted them their way and not in any way what I had in mind. And so, with a bit of reluctance due to the physical distance between us, I was introduced to Joe via the phone and internet. And I must say that it became abundantly clear almost from the beginning that Joe really listened to what I was saying and delivered back to me that which I was looking for, yet in a polished, professional, impressive way. It was almost as if he was in my head, implementing the ideas and thoughts I had with extreme accuracy and foresight. And what I, what WE ended up with is an award winning website that has won accolades all around the Bay Area real estate market and beyond.

    It goes without saying that a web designer isn't a web designer because he/she calls themselves one. In my opinion they must have a sixth sense about them, a sense that translates the unwritten/unspoken intentions of the client into a tangible, functional, beautiful form. Joe Griffin has that, Joe has a gift that would benefit anyone looking for high quality work to set them apart from their competition.

    Jonathan Marks

    At home in Marin

  • I asked Joe Griffin to assist me in making my personal website more recognizable in Google (not related to Waste Management). His work was amazing, moving my site up to the first page on a typical Google search for seven keywords. Before he worked his magic, Google wasn't even picking up my website. He is very responsive, diligent and gets the job done!

    Lawrence O'Donnell III

    Former President and Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) - Waste Management

    Starred on CBS "Meet the Boss" for W.M.

  • Joe's patience and professionalism helped me create a concept into a shining reality.

    Neil Alford

    Producer, Director, New Media Consultant - Neil Alford

  • I had Joe Griffin develop my website for the only Labrador I had at time, "Sir Jack Wolfgang Maverick". He developed a stunning animated website that served me for many years and received many complements from my peers in the field. Then about a year ago, I contacted Joe to see about redoing my website and selling my Training Manual online. I also wanted to be able to upload and manage pictures myself. As always, he delivered exactly what I wanted and then some! The thing that impressed me the most is how quickly he got my site found in the search engines. I picked the search words and he made it happen. My business is really taking off and it just keeps increasing! Joe's graphic talents and imagination is amazing! I know with his old fashioned service and concern for customer satisfaction, your business will benefit from his work!


    Automated Dynamics Corporation

    Owner and trainer - Basic Retriever Training Company

  • I turned to Griffin Graphics in an effort to clean up several sites that did not convey the kind of image and message we were looking for. Griffin Graphics listened to what we had to say and what we were looking for. In return our sites were completely repositioned and expressed the kind of clean, straight forward look and message that we desired. They were easy to work with; they heard what we had to say and delivered what we wanted with the benefit of their experienced feedback.

    John Matthews

    CEO - eStrategy Solutions

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