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Griffin Graphics wants your experience with us to be a truly enjoyable one. This section was created to help you establish your project criteria and help keep production time and cost to a minimum. These requirements are needed for Griffin Graphics to facilitate a proper quote.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    - Please contact us for a free evaluation; we will help you determine which keywords to target and why. We will also provide guidelines for preparing your verbal content, thus ensuring optimization for your targeted keywords. This is an important step in building the foundation for search engine optimization and works in concert with all our other SEO techniques.
  • General Colors

    - General shades of color have to be established before any design work starts. Colors are individually a personal preference, so everyone's opinion will vary. If more than one person is choosing colors, a vote might be in order. Here are some helpful ways help make your decisions.
  • Browse our client list or the internet for appealing combinations of colors. You might find several examples, so bookmark these sites and take notes as to what you find appealing about each.

    Visit your local hardware store to look at paint samples. Picking colors in this way allows you to set color samples side by side. After you find the combinations of samples you like, write down the pantone number for each color you pick.

    When you are driving, pay attention to the buildings or scenery around you. If you have access to a digital camera, take pictures everything that is appealing to you and make notations.

  • Verbal Content

    - It is very important to have all your verbal content organized, categorized & prioritized. This helps us establish a structured work flow and create designs to accentuate your verbal content.
  • Graphic Content

    - Gather all the digital and or printed media you want to use on the project (logos, pictures, printed media, etc.). If you don't have any digital pictures and require us to scan your printed media, please let us know how many pieces of media will need to be scanned. If you have a digital camera, take pictures of everything you would want to put on your website. It is helpful to categorized & prioritize your graphics in conjunction with your verbal content.
  • Flash Animations

    - Usually consist of pictures that fade in and out with verbal content on top. When gathering your verbal and graphical content, set aside the content you want to use in this media. If you want the users to be able to click on a section when it is displayed, please make notations as you categorize & prioritize your animation sequence.
  • Printed Criteria

    - Please make sure you have the dimensions and file format that is required for your media to be printed. If you already utilize a company to print your media, please include their information so we can work with them to ensure your print job is created properly.

Once you have assembled the majority of your project criteria and made your notations, this will help us build the foundation for your digital or printed media. Griffin Graphics will diligently and patiently work for you until we meet or exceed your media goals.

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