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Griffin Graphics creates custom tailored web and printed media that meets and or exceeds our clients expectations every time! We are dedicated to excellence and strive to remain on the cutting edge, setting the bar higher than most developers in our industry. Griffin Graphics has been providing intuitive e-commerce solutions to our client's since 1997. With over a decade of experience, Griffin Graphics has always been able to turn our clients ideas into viable marketing solutions that are built to last!

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Web design & Graphic Design HoustonGriffin Graphics has a proven track record for meeting and exceeding our clients projects criteria. Our testimonials are a clear indication of our dedication towards producing outstanding results and the main reason we have return business.

To keep up with the latest techniques in SEO, Griffin Graphics makes no secrets as to where we obtain our S.E.O. information; Google of course! Griffin Graphics utilizes the world's leading search engine provider for information pertaining but not limited to; demographics, keyword search statistic and algorithmic do's and don't that can make or break a web site. Google provides a ton of information on the best practices for S.E.O. and it's free for everyone to access! In fact, so much information is provided that deciphering what is viable can seem overwhelming. Griffin Graphics methods of interpreting and applying Google's information enables us to provide our clients with realistic marketing strategies and obtainable goals. This equates to how much time and content will realistically be needed to obtain your search engines goals!

Web design & Graphic DesignThere are many pieces of the puzzle that go into creating a successful web presence that most developers either overlook or don't take the time to implement. In conjunction to our regimented commitment to following Google's advise, we proudly validate all our "Source Sode - i.e. - XHTML and CSS"; that displays your web site content and graphics with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) online code validation applications. You will notice at the top of every page within our web site, which verifies all our display code adheres to the highest of standards. When choosing a web development company, we believe this simple test will provide some incite into each companies commitment to excellence! This is one more piece to the puzzle that adds up to fast page loads and overall search engine performance. Google and W3C commitment to quality lays the foundation for Griffin Graphics to aspire and one of many proven methods we utilize to help our our clients reach their goals.

Griffin Graphics knows how to propel your company to the next level, both on-line and off-line. We look forward to the challenge and opportunity to prove our worth to you and ourselves!

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